Fighting for Freedom in Maryland

Do Szeliga and Jacobs support the MD Camera Fraud?

While 32 Maryland Delegates took a strong stance against “taxation by citation” and cosponsored H.B. 436, which would repeal the use of speed and red light cameras. . .

. . . two very important Maryland Delegates were missing in action.

Delegates Jay Jacobs (R-District 36, Eastern Shore) and Kathy Szeliga (R-District 7, Baltimore and Harford) failed to cosponsor this legislation.

Despite having multiple opportunities to protect Maryland motorists from the well documented error-prone camera programs that have issued thousands of erroneous citations. . .

. . . Szeliga and Jacobs seem content to sit on the sidelines and allow the camera fraud to continue.

What’s worse is both Szeliga and Jacobs are sitting members of the committee that will soon be holding a hearing on H.B. 436.

That’s right, these Delegates play a key role by being on the committee this legislation must clear before it can move forward to the House floor.

And make no mistake, we are going to need every vote possible out of this committee due to the pro-speed and red light camera voting history of many of the committee members.

If you’re tired of politicians using every scheme possible to extract more money out of your family’s pockets, I need you to do one simple thing.

Please take a moment of your time to call and email Kathy Szeliga and Jay Jacobs today and demand they support H.B. 436 in committee:

Delegate Kathy Szeliga

Delegate Jay Jacobs

The hearing on H.B. 436 is only a few short days away.

Please do not wait to contact them and let them know you will not be satisfied with anything less than a full repeal of the use of speed and red light cameras.

Let them know you are disappointed they failed to cosponsor this important legislation.

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