Fighting for Freedom in Maryland

Gun grab bills proposed in Maryland

Gun-grabbing politicians in Maryland are launching an all-out assault against our gun rights.

Senate Leader Mike Miller and our gun-grabbing Attorney General Brian Frosh — along with their liberal allies — aim to take out the Second Amendment once and for all.

At the top of their agenda for this session is an all-out ban of guns on college campuses.

Click here to add your name to the growing list of Marylanders who agree that more gun control does not make us safer.


And it’s not only guns they are attempting to ban.

These liberals are determined to take away any and every form of self-defense from law-abiding adults attending Maryland colleges.

The language of this legislation clearly states “Prohibiting the carrying or possession of firearms, knives, or deadly weapons on the property of public institutions of higher education.”

That’s right. Under this proposed legislation, carrying a pocketknife would make you a criminal!

How many more students must be senselessly murdered on campus before we understand. . .

The sad truth is these “gun free zones” are really just “criminal safe zones,” where mad men are emboldened and innocent bystanders are disarmed.

If the campus gun ban passes, it’s like putting a “Commit Crime Here” sign in front of every college and university in Maryland.

And worse, Republican Senate Leader J.B. Jennings has already signaled publicly that he will roll over and support these Constitution-shredding proposals.

That’s why I hope you’ll join me, in OPPOSING the Campus Gun Ban proposed right now in the Maryland General Assembly.

Click here right now to sign your petition opposing the liberal gun control expansion package.

In 2013, leftists like Brian Frosh helped slam through the largest gun-grab bill package in Maryland history.

And yet just 2 years later in 2015, Baltimore had the deadliest year in its history, reporting 344 murders – most were a result of gun violence.

Mr. Frosh and his buddies need to know their experiments with stripping us of our rights and enabling violent criminals are over.

Frosh actually had the audacity to claim in the Baltimore Sun that “we can reduce the gun deaths in Maryland” by passing more of his loony gun-grab proposals. . .

. . . even after seeing what Baltimore has become just 2 years after the last string of his radical proposals passed.

And while Frosh and his cronies will attempt to sell this legislation as “common sense” gun laws, we know what their real objective is – a total ban on all private gun ownership.

We know this because Frosh’s Deputy Attorney General, Thiruvendran Vignarjah, was caught on a hidden camera sting operation just two months ago stating “off the record, we should ban guns altogether, period.”

It’s time to tell the politicians in Annapolis, “Enough is Enough!”

Maryland ALREADY has some of the most radical and restrictive gun laws in the country.

And yet we STILL have major problems with gun violence in Maryland.

Help us send a strong message to Annapolis that further gun restrictions will not be tolerated!

Across the United States Obama and his federal allies continue to make it harder and harder for law-abiding citizens to carry on campus or at school.

Yet it feels like every day there’s a new story about a shooting on campus or at a high school where students and teachers were defenseless again brazen murderers.

If the Campus Gun Ban happens, will you feel comfortable sending your kids to Maryland colleges?

Your child would be defenseless against a criminal who has no care or respect for the law.

It’s PAST time to tell them their radical anti-gun agenda simply is not welcome in Maryland. And that’s why we need your help.

Miller, Frosh, and their allies in Annapolis, are working to turn Maryland into one big “gun-free” zone where law-abiding citizens are at the mercy of gun-toting thugs.

Under the Campus Gun Ban proposal, if your daughter carried a gun on campus in the evening to protect herself and was caught carrying. . .

. . . she would face 3 years in jail and a $1,000 dollar fine!

Each of these gun control bills is straight out of Barack Obama’s playbook.

Miller and Frosh’s endgame is clear. They want to strip you and your family of the ability to defend yourselves for generations to come.

These gun-grabbing bills are an all-out onslaught on your Second Amendment rights from all directions.

They want to make gun ownership nearly impossible for current gun owners and even more difficult for those who want to purchase guns in the future!

If this agenda passes, it would be virtually impossible for law-abiding citizens to exercise their rights without breaking some obscure law.

If you and I are to stop this onslaught, we need to take the fight to the gun grabbers.

That’s why we’re launching the “No Deals, No Gun Control” petition in Maryland.

First, sign your “No Deals, No Gun Control” petition today to tell the gun grabbers in Annapolis, “Enough is Enough!”

Click here to sign the petition.

You and I must send a loud and clear message to the gun grabbers that we won’t give an inch when it comes to the Second Amendment.

If you can do more, the next step is to call your legislators in Annapolis.

Tell them to oppose the Campus Gun Ban and instead defend the rights of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from violent criminals.

If you have time, shoot them an email too.

You can use the Sample Message below to help direct your comments.

——–Sample Message——-

Dear Legislator,

I am writing to URGE you to oppose ALL instances of gun-grabbing legislation before the Maryland General Assembly this year.

The right of Marylanders to defend themselves and their families is NOT up for negotiation.

The right to bear arms is a right granted by our creator, and we will not sit back and watch men like Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg destroy that God-given right.

Again, I URGE you to oppose Mike Miller’s and Brian Frosh’s, gun-grab bills, along with ANY OTHER anti-gun bills that are introduced.

Maryland Campaign for Liberty will keep me informed on your vote.



Once you’re done, won’t you please consider chipping in $10 to help us spread the word? We need every pro-gun Marylander to help us fight against the gun-grabbers.

Without your help, these bills could pass, and Maryland will go even further down the path of tyranny.

With your help, I’m confident we will beat back the gun grabbers and show them they have no place here in Maryland, but we cannot do it without your help today!

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