Fighting for Freedom in Maryland

Hearing set for MD Forced Section 8 Housing Scheme

A public hearing date has been set for the Forced Section 8 Housing Expansion bill we told you about, HB-172.

The hearing will be held on February 7th at 1:00p.m.

If you can make it to Annapolis to attend the hearing and testify, please do.

If you cannot, please sign our petition and be sure to share it with your friends.

We’ll be delivering every petition we have on that date to show the House Environment and Transportation Committee how opposed the people of Maryland truly are to forced Section 8 Housing in our communities.

Forcing Section 8 Housing across our entire state is nothing more than a foolish social experiment gone wrong.

It’s not a good idea for the communities that these ideas are forced on, it harms property values, and it’s not even helping the people it’s supposed to help.

It’s a failed idea.

Instead of doubling down on destructive government housing policies, politicians in Annapolis ought to be scaling back.

You’d think that by now government bureaucrats and politicians would realize that when they get heavily involved and try to control something, things go wrong.

Every time we fight against Section 8 expansion the issue seems to explode and we know why.

It’s because a lot of people in Maryland have lived through and seen the devastating impact that forced Section 8 housing has had on their communities. They truly know what happens when politicians in Annapolis start talking about forcing this everywhere.

And why in the world are we criminalizing people who don’t want to participate in the government housing program?

HB-172 would actually define it as “discrimination” if you did not accept Section 8 vouchers.

You can’t make this stuff up.

This kind of insanity from the radical left has to stop and it’s up to us to truly make the difference.

As many of you remember we DEFEATED Forced Section 8 Housing in Baltimore County.

Kevin Kamenetz wanted it, members of the Baltimore County Council wanted it, even state legislators wanted it, but the people didn’t. And after thousands of Marylanders rose up against the idea, the Baltimore County Council had no choice but to back down.

They voted the proposal down 6-1.

We’ve got to do the same thing only statewide again RIGHT NOW.

So far you’ve helped us reach out to 43,000 Marylanders online.  Thousands have signed our grassroots petition because you’ve helped us get our message out to them.

But we still need your help in this fight because there are thousands and thousands more people we need to reach.

I hope you’ll help us out by:

>>> Calling your Delegate and Senator and telling them to OPPOSE forced Section 8 Housing Expansion, HB-172. You can get your Delegate and Senator’s contact information here.

>>> Attend the hearing coming up on February 7th.  The hearing will start at 1:00p.m.  Stay tuned for more details on location in the coming days.

>>> And last but not least – donate to our specific fund for use to fight this bill. Our ability to launch phone call campaigns, direct mail program, and online advertising directly depends on the generosity of our members.

We certainly aren’t government funded, every dime we receive is because one of our members made a choice to stand up for liberty. I hope that’s you today, Robert.

And if you’ve already given, thank you!  We greatly appreciate your sacrifice to help this project!

We hate to have to ask for money because we’re all about Marylanders keeping more of their own hard-earned money.

But the truth is the Annapolis politicians during this 90-day session are on a rampage to rob us of liberty after liberty. Hundreds and hundreds of bills get introduced every year and we have to pick the most egregious ones to focus on first.

And make no mistake about it, HB-172, the Forced Section 8 Housing Expansion bill, is one of the most egregious bills so far introduced.

If you want prosperity, opportunity, and upward mobility in Maryland – you’ve got to join with Maryland Campaign for Liberty RIGHT NOW in defeating HB-172.

If this bill passes, liberals in Annapolis are going to force Section 8 into every corner of Maryland.

Join with us RIGHT NOW to make sure that doesn’t happen.
Please click here to chip in a few bucks to help mobilize more like-minded citizens locally and statewide.