Fighting for Freedom in Maryland

Let’s end the Maryland camera fraud

Thousands of erroneous camera tickets have been issued to innocent Marylanders.

It’s so bad that even a driver stopped at a red light in Baltimore City was fined with a speeding ticket from a photo enforcement device.

And now reports are coming out that a full-scale, national FBI investigation has been launched into allegations of widespread bribery of politicians by camera companies.

Already, Karen Finley, ex-CEO of the RedFlex photo enforcement company, has pleaded guilty to bribery of politicians in exchange for camera contracts.

Yet in spite of all this, Baltimore County Council members just recently voted to double their speed camera budget.

Baltimore City – after shutting down their failure of a program for two years – is now poised to jumpstart their speed cameras once again citywide.

Enough is enough.

The time is now to end this unconstitutional scheme in our state once and for all.

I’m asking you today to join with me in signing MarylandCampaign for Liberty’s citizen action petition against camera fraud in Maryland.


Politicians continue to tout “public safety” as the driving force behind their support of these big brother camera programs.

Here’s the problem – multiple studies have shown these cameras INCREASE traffic accidents.

In reality, the threat of large fines being issued on the basis of evidence from a machine that is unable to make a judgment call causes drivers to act erratically . . .

. . . in order to avoid a ticket they know they can’t defend themselves from in court.

If you have ever been behind a motorist who slammed on their brakes when a traffic light turned yellow, you understand exactly what I am talking about.

If these cameras have been proven to increase injuries and fatalities, why are they continuing to be put up?

You and I know this issue is about one thing for Annapolis politicians. . .


CBS News recently reported that up until Baltimore City shut down their pathetic and malfunctioning speed camera program 2 years ago they raked in a whopping $140 million dollars!

Every new camera device installed on the side of a highway here in Maryland is another ATM machine for entrenched Annapolis politicians.

Worse than being a waste of money, these ticketing schemes prey upon the most vulnerable among us.

No less than 83 different cameras were installed in Baltimore City alone to prey upon drivers every day.

Drive around the 695 Beltway in Baltimore in the evening and you’ll see the flash of speed cameras.

And the cameras aren’t just installed around the city but across Maryland.

Red light cameras are fining drivers in Harford County and photo enforcement devices are used on the Eastern Shore as well.

Working class moms and dads trying to feed their families regularly get hit with automated tickets from cameras.

We cannot accept:


**** The privatization of law enforcement

**** The shredding of our constitutional rights

**** Blatant attempts by legislators to separate us from more and more of our hard-earned money

**** The endangerment of our families in order to generate revenue


Please click here now to sign our citizen action petition against speed cameras and red light cameras in Maryland.

With the 2016 General Assembly rapidly approaching, it’s our job to start sounding the alarm against these unconstitutional cameras NOW.

You see, not only should Governor Hogan immediately end all camera programs run by the state of Maryland, our legislators must ban the use of such cameras in Maryland in the upcoming legislative session.

In past sessions, reform bills have been offered, but make no mistake about it. . .

The only reform Maryland Campaign for Liberty is willing to accept is total repeal.

After all, it’s not like these cameras are somehow partially good or somewhat functioning?

They’re ripping people off and violating our rights!

Marylanders are sick and tired of over-taxation, wasteful public spending, and continuous government infringement on our individual liberty.

Camera fraud in Maryland must end.

So are you in?  Will you help Maryland Campaign for Libertylead the fight against out-of-control government cameras?

Click here to add your name and join the cause.

In Liberty,

Bob Willick
State Coordinator
Maryland Campaign for Liberty

P.S. These cameras are nothing more than ATM machines for state legislators.

Using “safety” as their cover, politicians are tag-teaming with private camera companies to rob you every time you hit the road.

Enough is enough.

Will you join with citizens across Maryland in calling for an end to the camera fraud?

Click here to sign Maryland Campaign for Liberty’s citizen action petition against use of speed cameras and red light cameras in our state.

Share this email with your friends and family.  Encourage them to sign the petition as well to make our voice heard in Annapolis!

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