Fighting for Freedom in Maryland

Looming: MD Forced Section 8 Housing Mandate

We just received word that Delegate Stephen Lafferty (D – Baltimore County) and new State Senator Will Smith (D – Montgomery County) have introduced a STATEWIDE Section 8 Housing Expansion Bill (HB-172).

They’re angry that YOU stood up to them this past year in Baltimore County to reject Section 8 Housing Expansion.

In spite of County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, Delegate Stephen Lafferty, and Councilman Julian Jones all pushing forced Section 8 Expansion, the citizens of Baltimore County stood up and overwhelmingly shot the proposal down.

So now Lafferty and his buddies in Annapolis want to go around us and slam this through at the state level.

They’re hoping that you and I aren’t paying attention anymore, that we’ll miss this obvious end-around move.

So we need your help again to make sure these politicians are not successful in forcing destructive Section 8 Housing policies into every corner of Maryland.

Please call your Delegate and State Senator today to tell them that you OPPOSE any form of Section 8 Housing Expansion and that you’ll be watching how they vote closely.

Then I hope you’ll consider chipping in what you can to Maryland Campaign for Liberty to use on this fight.

Please understand that we don’t have much time so Maryland Campaign for Liberty needs your help immediately.

Already, HB-172 is scheduled for a hearing on February 7th!

It was one thing to defeat this terrible idea in Baltimore County.

But now we have to fight this across the entire state of Maryland.

That’s going to require more volunteers, more resources, and will require us to reach out to a lot more people.

The only reason that the Baltimore County Forced Section 8 Expansion Scheme hasn’t come to fruition yet is because of your work with Maryland Campaign for Liberty.

A biased journalist buddy of Baltimore County Councilman Julian Jones was quoted saying:

“One of things that concerns me about this is the (Maryland) Campaign for Liberty.”

This was a quote from a discussion Jones had with journalists of the Baltimore City Paper and the Baltimore Sun on the Marc Steiner Radio Show lamenting on how the Section 8 Expansion failed.

Steiner and the supposedly unbiased journalists expressed their “concerns” with Maryland Campaign for Liberty and advocated on behalf of ┬áJones’ desired Section 8 expansion scheme.

But not every listener was buying the propaganda that Jones and his cohorts were selling.

A resident from Julian Jones’ district called in and complained that the voucher program was “one of the worst” and that it “destroyed neighborhoods.”

The caller cited the Liberty Road area of Baltimore County as an example before being abruptly cut off by Jones and the other pro-Section 8 housing advocates.

And while the caller was not given the opportunity to finish his comments, one thing is for sure – no matter how leftists like Jones attempt to frame this issue…

they can’t erase the reality of the damaging effects of Section 8 expansion from the minds of residents who have experienced it first hand.

You and I have suffered our own concerns with the encroachment of leftist, anti-liberty ┬ápolicies for decades…from politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle.

These local leftists are concerned because they can see that Maryland Campaign for Liberty can and will block their assaults on liberty.

They’re so used to having their way with our liberty and our property that they feel concerned when we don’t let them continue to violate us.

Your Maryland Campaign for Liberty is a real threat to their destructive big-government agenda.

Should we feel bad for big-government bullies when their intended victims successfully fight back?

If you think keeping the enemies of our liberty “concerned” is a good thing, please click here to invest in expanding Maryland Campaign for Liberty’s ability to mobilize more pro-liberty citizens against leftist power grabs like forced Section 8 expansion.

Remember, Towson Delegate Stephen Lafferty stated he would introduce this same Section 8 expansion scheme STATEWIDE.

Now he’s delivering on that promise at the expense of all Marylanders.

If this bill passes, it will override our previous victory at the local level.

It is vital that we have the funds to run a statewide campaign against his bill, similar to our successful local campaign.

Please click here to chip in a few bucks to help mobilize more like-minded citizens locally and statewide.