Fighting for Freedom in Maryland

Register for Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership’s one-day school

Do you know how to work the legislature, or are you going to be worked over by the legislature… again?

I am confident you understand the power of ideas. But good ideas are not worth anything if they are not put into action.

Campaign for Liberty is committed to holding elected politicians accountable to the conservative platforms they ran on.

If you’re tired of being a victim of the political Establishment in Washington, D.C., this school is for you.

If you and I are going to spend our time and treasure trying to reclaim the Republic, then let’s do it to win.

Maryland Campaign for Liberty and the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership are co-hosting a Political Leadership School on Saturday, May 28.

Since its inception, the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership has trained thousands of activists in 46 states. Our instructors have years of experience running and winning campaigns and legislative projects in multiple state legislatures. They will share their stories of what works (and what doesn’t) during this information-packed school.

Click here to purchase your ticket to the May 28 school in Towson, MD.

At this school, you will learn how to create meaningful change and what you must do to be respected and feared by politicians.

You must be at this school!

Do you know a young person who may be interested in working full time in politics one day?

This class is a prerequisite. The highest-level political operatives use the tools taught in this school to win for liberty.

Exceptional graduates of the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership’s schools have regularly been approached by national pro-liberty organizations to work on the front lines of freedom in legislative battles and campaigns all over the country.

This intense one-day training covers:

    • The Real Nature of Politics – why just educating people alone won’t result in change


    • The Biggest Lie in Politics – and how the political class uses your convictions against you


    • How to Work effectively at the Capitol – getting a bill sponsor and a roll call vote despite the leadership


  • How to Build a Group – putting pressure on legislators

All this and much more!

When I worked as Dr. Ron Paul’s legislative director, I saw firsthand the effectiveness of this school’s graduates in forcing politicians to oppose tax increases, gun control measures, Federal Reserve secrecy, and other statist schemes.

That is why I believe that anyone who is serious about regaining our lost liberties cannot afford to miss it.

This class will teach you how to turn your passion into action. I sincerely hope you can attend.

Click here to purchase your ticket to the May 28 school in Towson, MD.

If not now, when?

If not you, who?

The next generation of Americans deserves a better future.

Sign up to attend this Political Leadership School today, to start your journey as a feared and respected liberty activist in your area.

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