Fighting for Freedom in Maryland

Statement on MDGOP Chairman Campaign Literature

April 9, 2013

Maryland Republican Central Committee Members,

Diana Waterman and her supporters have been using the name of our organization, the Maryland Campaign for Liberty, in campaign materials for Waterman’s campaign for MDGOP Chair.

In campaign materials distributed by the Waterman campaign, it is implied that Diana Waterman has communicated with the Campaign for Liberty in her role as Interim Chair of the Maryland Republican Party.

This is not the case. The Maryland Republican Party, under Diana Waterman’s management, has no working relationship with the statewide Campaign for Liberty or with our local organizations.

The Campaign for Liberty is a strictly non-partisan organization that does not engage in election activity.

In an email, it was stated that Waterman is forming a Republican Party advisory committee that will include grassroots organizations such as ours. It is implied that Diana Waterman is welcoming the grassroots and Tea Party groups into the Maryland Republican Party.

No outreach to our groups has been reported to me, and I have received no messages to this effect.

If Ms. Waterman would like to set a future goal of engaging the grassroots that is admirable, but to date no such engagement has occurred.

Our organization was mentioned in a mailer the Diana Waterman for MDGOP Chair campaign sent out and then was later referenced by Ellen Sauerbrey in a campaign endorsement email for Waterman.

Campaign for Liberty is identified as a grassroots Tea Party group that the Republican Party in Maryland should collaborate with on conservative causes.

It’s a great idea for conservative organizations to collaborate, but it’s a bad idea to not collaborate and then proclaim so.

Our organization always welcomes more volunteers and resources to restore Liberty in Maryland and we would certainly look forward to working on issues, where our interests align, with the Republican Party in the future.

The Maryland Campaign for Liberty has been working this year to repeal speed cameras and get politicians on the record on the bad gun bill. These are two issues where the Republican Party mostly agrees with us and where we see common ground.

For Liberty,

Theodore Patterson
Maryland State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

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