Fighting for Freedom in Maryland

TEN more cosponsors on MD camera ban!

We’ve got some exciting news!

Our camera repeal bill, H.B. 436, has been officially entered into the Maryland General Assembly and a hearing is scheduled in the Environment and Transportation Committee on February 18, at 1:00 p.m.

Equally exciting is that your phone calls and emails to Maryland politicians resulted in adding 10 more cosponsors, bringing the total to 32!

Never before have we added this many cosponsors to our bill, and it’s all because of your hard work to pressure your Delegate.

It’s time to double down!

Chip in now to help us get H.B. 436 out of committee.

This is a very encouraging first step to ending the taxation by citation scheme that is disguised as a public safety program.

But our work is far from done.

The next hurdle in the process of passing H.B. 436 into law is to get it through the Environment and Transportation Committee.

In 2013, similar legislation was given an unfavorable report by this committee, thereby killing the bill.

Membership in this committee has changed drastically since 2013, giving us a new opportunity to join with many other states that have prohibited the use of unmanned ticketing programs.

This is where you come in.

Help fund our efforts to move H.B. 436 forward by clicking here to donate online

The only way to move these entrenched politicians is through force.  That means:

>>> Phone calls into their district
>>> Targeted online ads
>>> Literature drops the district neighborhoods
>>> Radio ads
>>> And hard-hitting direct mail

We’ve come this far, there’s no reason to back down now.

We need your help to prove to these politicians that we are dead serious about ending the camera fraud here in Maryland.

Bill champion Delegate Warren Miller and all of us at Maryland Campaign for Liberty urge you to contact the members of this committee and demand that they support H.B. 436.

You can contact all of the members of the Environment and Transportation Committee quickly and easily by clicking here.

You can also call the members individually to voice your support for H.B. 436:


Barve, Kumar P. (Chair)        410-841-3990
Stein, Dana (Vice Chair) 410-841-3527
Anderton, Carl, Jr.       410-841-3431
Beidle, Pamela            410-841-3370
Carr, Alfred C., Jr.           410-841-3638
Cassilly, Andrew               410-841-3444
Flanagan, Robert L.       410-841-3077
Folden, William                410-841-3240
Fraser-Hidalgo, David          410-841-3186
Frush, Barbara            410-841-3114
Gilchrist, Jim            410-841-3744
Healey, Anne                   410-841-3961
Holmes, Marvin E., Jr.         410-841-3310
Jacobs, Jay A.            410-841-3449
Jalisi, Jay                    410-841-3358
Knotts, Tony                   410-841-3212
Lafferty, Stephen W.           410-841-3487
Lam, Clarence K.               410-841-3205
McCray, Cory V.                410-841-3486
O’Donnell, Anthony J.          410-841-3314
Otto, Charles J.               410-841-3433
Robinson, Shane                410-841-3021
Szeliga, Kathy            410-841-3698
Wivell, William J.             410-841-3447
Your phone calls and emails were key in securing 32 cosponsors for H.B. 436.

And your phone calls and emails will play a huge role in determining if speed and red light camera repeal moves forward.

Don’t wait to contact these legislators.

The committee hearing is only days away and the members are already beginning to form an opinion on this legislation.

Greedy camera vendors will undoubtedly be marching their high-paid lobbyists into the politicians’ offices to protect their huge profits.

It’s up to you and I to make sure that these politicians understand that Maryland motorists will no longer tolerate being fleeced by for-profit camera programs.

Maryland Campaign for Liberty will be in attendance at theFebruary 18 hearing to testify in favor of H.B. 436.

We’ll personally be delivering thousands of petition signatures that we have collected in opposition to speed and red light camera programs in Maryland.

Please consider joining us at the hearing to testify in person – especially if you have been a victim of an erroneous camera citation.

It’s our goal to fill the hearing with supporters of H.B. 436 and move the repeal of red light and speed cameras one step closer to becoming a reality in 2016.

Please forward this information to friends and family members.

Thank you for your continued support of Maryland Campaign for Liberty.

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