Tell Baltimore County Politicians You Oppose Their Tax Hike Votes!

Dear Council Members and County Executive,

First off, thank you Councilman Todd Crandell for defending taxpayers by voting against higher tax rates, against new forms of taxation, and against increased government spending.

As for the rest of you, you voted to forcibly cut the budgets of working families and local businesses.

You voted against cutting enough county spending to live within your means.

To Olszewski and Democrats, you voted to shackle us with one of the highest municipal income tax rates in the entire USA.

With sweeping anti-business regulations coming down from Annapolis, you decided to make it even tougher to survive in Baltimore County.

I’m very upset with your recent votes for higher taxes and a bigger budget.

Raising taxes does not address root causes of problems, it ignores them and spreads problems around.

Real problem solving means getting better results with existing resources.

I will not forget what you have done here. These votes will harm our economy for years to come and you are to blame for it.


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