SIGN THE PETITION: No Howard County “Sanctuary” for Illegal Immigration

Howard County Council,

Howard County should not be a safe haven for illegal immigration.

Don’t be fooled. There is no monolithic “immigrant community” that supports illegal immigration. Many LEGAL immigrants are among some of the staunchest opponents of unfair illegal immigration “sanctuary” policies.

Restricting communication between local employees and federal immigration enforcement creates pointless inefficiencies at taxpayer expense.

It also opens up the county to liability and taxpayer-funded lawsuits by enterprising immigration lawyers whenever a county employee is accused of not perfectly complying with these absurd communication restrictions.

Howard County taxpayers are unfairly burdened when forced to pay for government handouts to anyone on Earth who decides to illegally immigrate to Howard County.

Vote against Opel Jones’ Council Bill 63-2020, which is an irresponsible attempt to attract costly illegal immigration into Howard County.


Howard County - Jones sanctuary CB63-2020