Tell HoCo Council: Don’t ban ICE detention of violent illegals!

Howard County Council,

No one is served by banning ICE from detaining violent illegal alien criminals at the county detention center.

Don’t be fooled. There is no monolithic “immigrant community” that opposes this agreement. Many legal immigrants are among some of the staunchest opponents of illegal immigration “sanctuary” policies.

This discriminatory ban won’t stop ICE from continuing its job detaining criminal illegals, but it will create pointless inefficiencies at taxpayer expense.

The “justification” for this is little more than vague, generalized partisan animosity toward ICE and the Trump administration that isn’t based on any substantive problems with this specific agreement.

Vote against Liz Walsh’s Council Bill 51-2020, which is an irresponsible attempt to subvert this long standing public safety partnership agreement between ICE and Howard County.


Howard County - Walsh ICE contract cancellation