Act Now: Stop the Biggest Tax Hike in Maryland History!

House Ways and Means Committee members,

Please vote NO on HB-1628, the outrageous $2.6 BILLION PER YEAR sales tax expansion mandate.

This bill imposes new sales taxes on services like landscaping, home improvement, funeral services, haircuts, legal representation, accounting, and more.

HB-1628 is a heartless attempt by so-called “progressive” Delegate Eric Luedtke (D-Montgomery County) to inflict more financial suffering on Marylanders.


Public servants, Democrat and Republican, ought to rise above inflicting harm on their fellow human beings like this.

Protect us from Delegate Luedtke’s cruel sales tax proposal. Vote against HB-1628.

Instead, focus on respecting our freedom and fully funding the budgets of our households and businesses by reducing our tax burdens.


2020 Sales Tax Expansion (HB 1628)