Tell Colvin, Guy and Morgan You OPPOSE Their Tax Hike Vote!

Dear Commissioners Colvin, Guy and Morgan,

You voted to raise my income taxes.

You voted to increase spending at a time when we need to be cautious about how we spend taxpayer dollars.

With sweeping anti-business regulations coming down from Annapolis, you decided to make it even tougher to survive in St. Mary’s County.

I’m very upset with your recent votes for higher taxes and a bigger budget.

The people of St. Mary’s County are not your personal ATM machine.

You are taking more money out of the pockets of working families and local business owners.

That is not the right decision for our community, especially when financial analysts expect the American economy to weaken in the coming year.

I will not forget what you have done here.  These votes will harm our economy for years to come and you are to blame for it.


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