Stop Repressive Licensing of Gun Shops

Dear Baltimore County Council,

Bill 72-19, the gun seller licensing scheme, is clearly an attempt to bypass the Bill of Rights using the tactic of forced government licensing.

No business owner deserves to be coerced into signing away their Constitutional right to refuse a warrantless police search of their private property as a condition of being allowed to stay in business.

Mandatory government licensing of peaceful economic activity is equivalent to stealing the freedom to do business, then selling it back.

Bill 72-19 offers zero guarantee of increased safety for anyone.

The bill only guarantees lost civil liberties and increased government power and control over the people.

The unfair financial burdens that Bill 72-19 places on gun sellers will likely be passed onto consumers.

This could create a regressive effect of limiting low-income citizens’ access to potentially life-saving purchases of firearms for self-defense.

Please vote against bypassing the Bill of Rights. Vote against Bill 72-19, the gun seller licensing scheme.


Balt Co C4L - Oppose Gun Seller Licensing