SIGN YOUR PETITION: Stop the Job-Killing Minimum Wage Hike!



It will automatically forward to the Maryland General Assembly:


Maryland Delegates and Senators,

Please vote NO on HB-166 and SB-280, the forced $15/hour government wage control bills.

Whereas: Politicians who wish to criminalize low wage work are condemning the least skilled workers to unemployment.

Whereas: Forcibly restricting workers’ and employers’ freedom of association undermines the core American principles of freedom and self-determination.

Whereas: When meddling politicians dictate higher labor costs on hardworking business owners who serve our communities, businesses are forced to hire less, cut hours and workers, relocate to more business-friendly states, raise prices, or close their doors for good.

Whereas: Businesses produce and pay for nearly everything we have. Goods, services, jobs, and government. When businesses relocate or close, we all lose.

Therefore: I demand that politicians respect individual liberty, respect our business owners who serve us, protect opportunities for the least skilled, and vote AGAINST oppressive, economically destructive wage mandates!

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