TELL ANNE ARUNDEL REPS: Don’t force Section 8 in our neighborhoods!

Dear Anne Arundel County Council and County Executive,

Neighborhoods that experience an influx of Section 8 housing see falling property values and higher crime.

Housing providers in Anne Arundel neighborhoods should not be coerced against their will, by threats of costly lawsuits and penalties, to contract through the Section 8 program or other government housing schemes.

This Section 8 mandate does not address why rents are so high in the first place, it does not address why poverty exists, and it perpetuates dependency on taxpayers.

Don’t pass Bill 55-19. Trying to sneak a Section 8 mandate into this bill full of redundant fair housing laws already enforced throughout Maryland is a shameful attempt to deceive the public, which shows a disdain for transparency and breeds further distrust in government.


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After you send your message to the Anne Arundel County Executive and County Council,

read below for additional ways you can make a difference:

Make a Phone Call to the Anne Arundel County Council:

(410) 222-1401

Tell them you OPPOSE forcing landlords in your neighborhood to accept Section 8.

Ask that they vote AGAINST Bill 55-19, the Section 8 mandate.

Share this petition with everyone you know in Anne Arundel County before it’s too late!

A public hearing on Steuart Pittman’s Section 8 Mandate is scheduled for Monday, July 1st at 7:00 p.m.

Arrive early to sign up to speak.

Arundel Center – County Council Chambers
44 Calvert Street
Annapolis, MD 21401