Tell Frederick Council: Reject “Sanctuary” for Illegals, Support 287(g)

Dear Frederick County Council, County Executive Gardner, and Sheriff Jenkins,

Frederick County’s 287(g) partnership with federal immigration enforcement helps remove the most problematic illegal alien criminals from the local community.

Opponents of the program misrepresent it as “racial profiling” in order to deceptively rally well-meaning people to oppose the program based on this false premise.

It is impossible for the program to racially profile or discriminate based on any demographics because it screens the immigration status of every single arrested person brought through county detention centers.

Innocent people have been needlessly victimized and even killed because of “sanctuary” policies that purposely interfere with federal immigration enforcement and release violent illegal immigrants back into the community.

Therefore, I urge you to stand with Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, uphold the 287(g) program, put citizens first, and reject “sanctuary” policies for illegal immigration.


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