TELL OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS: No 2019 Baltimore County Tax Hikes!

Dear Baltimore County Council and County Executive,

Baltimore County residents are taxed enough already.

Working families are fighting to put food on the table. 

Seniors on fixed incomes are fighting to pay their property taxes. 

Small businesses are bracing for more taxes and regulations from Annapolis!

And now, on April 15th, Tax Day, County Executive Johnny Olszewski announced that he wants to: 1) hike the county income tax rate, 2) create a new cell phone tax, 3) create a new development tax, 4) hike the existing hotel tax and just for good measure, 5) create a new cable tax on top of everything else.

He even wants to raise property taxes by over $15 million!

We, the citizens of Baltimore County, are not ATM machines for politicians to endlessly drain.

Vote to pass a Baltimore County budget that does not raise taxes on the citizens of our community.  We cannot afford it!


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After you send your message to the Baltimore County Executive and County Council,

read below for additional ways you can make a difference:

Make a Phone Call to Each Baltimore County Council Member ASAP:

David Marks | 410-887-3384

Cathy Bevins | 410-887-3388

Wade Kach | 410-887-3387

Todd Crandell | 410-887-3383

Tom Quirk | 410-887-3386

Julian Jones | 410-887-3389

Izzy Patoka | 410-887-3385

Tell them you OPPOSE tax hikes in 2019 and

ask that they vote to pass a Baltimore County budget that does NOT increases taxes in 2019.

Share this petition with everyone you know in Baltimore County before it’s too late!

A vote on tax hikes is scheduled for Thursday, May 23rd.