Tell our elected officials: NO SECTION 8 MANDATE!

Dear Baltimore County Council and County Executive,

Housing providers in Baltimore County neighborhoods should not be forced against their will to contract through the tax-funded Section 8 voucher program.

Neighborhoods that experience an influx of Section 8 housing tend to see falling property values, higher crime, and declining institutions.

This Section 8 mandate does not address why rents are so high in the first place, it does not address why poverty exists, and it perpetuates dependency on taxpayers.

Don’t pass this Section 8 mandate.

It violates private property rights, it violates freedom of association, and it’s unfair to those of us who worked hard and paid our own way to get where we are.


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After you send your message to the Baltimore County Executive and County Council,

read below for additional ways you can make a difference:

Make a Phone Call to Your Baltimore County Council Member ASAP:

Cathy Bevins | 410-887-3388

Tom Quirk | 410-887-3386

Izzy Patoka | 410-887-3385

Julian Jones | 410-887-3389

Wade Kach | 410-887-3387

David Marks | 410-887-3384

Todd Crandell | 410-887-3383

Tell them you OPPOSE mandating Section 8 in our neighborhoods!

Not sure who represents you on the council? Find out HERE.

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