Tell the Council: Respect property rights. Repeal Forced Section 8!

Dear Baltimore County Council and County Executive Olszewski,

Absolutely nobody deserves to be FORCED by their own government to enter into a contract to rent their property through the Section 8 program.

This coercive overreach is a direct violation of private property rights.

Government is supposed to exist to protect private property rights, which serve as the foundational incentive for citizens to produce, innovate, invest in new productive enterprises, and lift each other out of poverty.

Unfortunately, some of you, listed below, have abused government power by weaponizing this power AGAINST the citizens’ private property rights.

This damages the foundations of a stable, prosperous community.

Those who violated property rights by imposing a Section 8 Mandate are:
County Executive John Olszewski (D)
Councilwoman Cathy Bevins (D)
Councilman Tom Quirk (D)
Councilman Julian Jones (D)
Councilman Izzy Patoka (D)

Respect private property rights for everyone. Repeal forced Section 8 now.


Balt Co C4L - Forced Section 8 disapproval