Tell your MD reps: NO SANCTUARY STATE!

Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and House Judiciary Committee,

Please vote NO on illegal immigration “Sanctuary State” legislation.

WHEREAS: Illegal immigrants are creating hardships on taxpaying citizens by using taxpayer funded resources, overcrowding schools, and making jobs more scarce for citizens; and

WHEREAS: So-called “Sanctuary” policies are an invitation for more illegal immigration which creates public safety concerns due to the difficulty in detaining and prosecuting undocumented aliens that commit crimes; and

WHEREAS: “Sanctuary” policies insult LEGAL immigrants who made sacrifices to earn their citizenship.

THEREFORE: We citizens of Maryland DEMAND that our local legislators vote down and repeal any legislation that attempts to obstruct immigration enforcement and make our state into a less safe, more costly “Sanctuary” for illegal immigration.


2021 Sanctuary State (SB 88/HB304)